Support & FAQ

Check out our support center if you have any queries.

Management - Support

Do I need training for me and my staff?

Mosaic has been created around the User Experience principal (UX), with a focus on being intuitive and easy-to-use.

You will need a few days to adapt yourself to the software but once you have understood how one module works, you are then ready to use and work on the entire software.

Our support team is here in case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we offer an “on boarding” optional full training, available in our support section to make sure that care staff and managers are ready and confident in using Mosaique. Our account managers can also provide training if needed.

User/ Admin : Who can access the software?

You can decide your access level settings according to the user types : administrator, manager, care worker and external user (coming soon).

Will you make updates to the system?

Yes we will provide continuous minor updates/improvements to offer you the best experience. We will also plan quarterly large feature updates. You will receive all the information/ instructions needed by email in advance.


Can I print data from Mosaic?

Yes, Mosaic software data is fully printable. You can print in A4, or download any document as a PDF.

Can I send alerts if a task/action has not been completed on time?

Yes, Mosaic has a push notification system, which allows the administrator to set notifications and reminders to his staff members. Alerts are sent for any important activity happening in the system including: medication times, goal deadlines, care plan review dates, risk assessment dates.

How can service users sign documents within the Mosaic system?

Mosaic is available on multiple devices including smartphones and tablets. Our unique software records signatures as an image that acts as a digital signature for the service user.

Regulation - CQC

What happens to old records of service users who are no longer in my Care Home?

They remain in our system but are archived and do not appear in the main dashboard anymore. If a service user is returns to your care home, you can re-activate the profile and the data will reappear. Mosaic currently caters to care homes, which require records to be stored for 7 years. We comply with this requirement by storing archived user data for 7 years. We will issue a warning that user data will be removed when it approaches the end of the 7 year period.

How can Mosaic help with CQC requirements

Mosaic will help with your daily care home management and adherence to the 5 main requirements from the CQC :


Features like auto-save mode will ensure the safety of all data records.


The software will help you gain work time by providing better organisation and coordination. Features like alerts/push notifications will ensure important tasks like administering medication are not forgotten.


With its clear interface, Mosaic helps to provide better patient care through improvements in daily systems and reductions in medical errors.

Responsive to people’s need

Mosaic helps you respond to your service users needs through use of the wide range of modules offered, whether it be care planning, meal planning, medication, training and more.


Mosaic helps care homes to ensure they are well led, with up to date records, efficient management systems and effective communication between staff.

Technical - Equipment

What equipment do I need ?

Mosaic is an intuitive care home management software, which can be used on different devices. Either on your desktop, laptop, as well as tablet and mobile. Mosaic is an adaptive web-app, which means we have worked on different designs to adapt to your favorite device. Tablets are the preferred device for use with our application. However, desktops, laptops, or smartphones with a screen at least 300 pixels wide will work as well. Some functionality may be reduced when using a phone.

How many tablet / desktops do I need

The more devices you have, the easier it will be to use the software within your home. We recommend your account manager get in contact with us so that we can evaluate your needs depending on the size of your care home