Care Plan

What is the Care Plan Module?

This thoughtfully designed and customisable module is the heart of Mosaic’s software. The Care Plan module provides a fast and easy way to carry out comprehensive assessments, allowing staff to provide fully personalised treatment plans in a matter of minutes.

Here’s a closer look at how the Care Plan Module can help transition your home into a more efficient, higher performing organisation.

The Right Care Plan Software Will Completely Streamline Your Assessment and Planning Processes

Taking the necessary steps to update your care home’s current processes can seem overwhelming. However, the benefits of digitising the way you run your home can provide unparallelled benefits and save you time, money, and resources in the long term.

Mosaic was designed by IT professionals with organisations just like yours in mind, making it the easiest way to carry out comprehensive assessments quickly and professionally.

Here’s How Your Care Home Can Benefit From Using the Care Plan Module

The Care Plan has many advanced features to help you accomplish your main goals and streamline assessments and care planning. Some of those features include:

Lower Administrative Costs

Reduce annual costs associated with printing physical documents and wasted staff time, allowing you the opportunity to redirect vital funding to critical areas.

Improve Service Quality

Eliminate mistakes made from spelling errors or illegible handwriting. Digitised notes, service user profiles, and support plans remove guesswork and improve the overall performance of your home.

Store Notes Safely and Securely

Reduce chances of unauthorised access to patient records.

Complete Comprehensive Assessments Quickly

Utilise the module’s pre-built fields to gather all the necessary information at the point of care, without overlooking critical areas.

Offer Patients Fully Personalised Care Plans Quickly

Allow support workers to customise plans quickly by providing them with all necessary information.

Improve Processes & Save Time

Updating your systems and processes is easy. With our simple and user-friendly design, Mosaic can streamline your home’s assessments and ensure you’re giving a thorough and quality service.

Pre admission assessment

This feature comes with built in fields, including summary of requests for referral, service users view of current status and much more.

Having access to the service user’s records and current status allows support workers to generate thorough recommendations and care plans with less mistakes.

The form is also fully customisable with options to add new sections with the click of a button.

Care plans and reviews

The pre-built core plans cover different areas of the service user’s life including hobbies, strengths and abilities, daily maintenance, triggers, crisis plan, wellbeing, hygiene and personal health questionnaires.

Built with customisable features to be tailored to the service user’s specific needs. Access their full patient history to create treatment plans quickly and thoroughly without overlooking critical information.

Mosaic is optimised for convenience, allowing statements of service users to be signed and agreed by both parties within the form.

And more...

To see the full features of Mosaic’s Care Plan module, here’s how to register and try it for yourself.