Made by IT Professionals for Care Homes

How Mosaic Can Streamline All Your Processes To Help Run Your Care Home More Efficiently

Consider the amount of time and space wasted creating and keeping physical documents related to your organisation. Every day, your care workers and managers fill out, organise, and file paperwork by hand.

With the advances in technology that are changing the rest of the world, now there is a solution targeted specifically for care homes. Designed by IT professionals with your needs in mind, Mosaic makes running your home more efficient, easy, and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Mosaic Care’s comprehensive management system digitises, organises, and stores your records all in one place. Mosaic streamlines your organisational processes, effectively reducing waste of resources and allowing you to increase the quality of your services.

Here’s how Mosaic can help you increase safety standards, track communication, store data safely and securely, and more.

Here Are the Main Features of Our Management Software

Mosaic’s comprehensive management system has many features that can be tailored to your businesses specific needs. Here are the main components of the software which will help you streamline your services and improve your processes:

Care Plan Module


All the modules you need to efficiently manage your care home are in one place.

Care Plan Module


Secure file sharing. Data is stored safely and securely.

Care Plan Module


User friendly, each page has useful advice panels to assist you.

Care Plan Module

Fast Reporting

Reports are filled out quickly and easily retrieved.

Care Plan Module

Full History

All previous information and assessments are stored for easy retrieval.

Care Plan Module

Real-time Monitoring

Mosaic will generate automatic reminders & push notifications for key actions.

Care Plan Module

Offline Mode

Once you're back online everything is updated automatically.

Care Plan Module

Auto Save

All information typed is automatically saved. No need to hit the save button.

Care Plan Module

Onboarding & Training

We provide a onboarding and training course to help you make the most of Mosaic.

Why Should You Choose Mosaic?

Mosaic’s management software system has many features to help you accomplish your daily operations in a more efficient manner. It offers the vital tools needed for care homes and workers to provide outstanding services. Some other benefits include:

Increased data quality and improved outcomes

The quality of your data records will be higher as you eliminate obstacles like spelling errors and illegible handwriting. Take notes, access patient history, and customise treatment plans at the touch of a button, improving the overall performance of your facility.

Store notes safely and securely

Mosaic features the latest security standards with all connections encrypted with an SSL certificate. All documents are automatically saved, even if the Internet connection fails. Your data will be automatically updated and synced as soon as your connection is restored.

Reduce Errors

Reduce medication administration errors by using our real time notifications. Our forms come with pre-built fields, so staff won’t forget to record crucial information. Utilise features like auto spell check so there’s no misunderstanding between staff.

Paperless record keeping

Save time and money by moving to a paperless system with digital tracking. Avoid losing important documents or having to print and scan. We also offer custom built forms to meet your specific needs.

Improve processes and save time

Processes are clearly mapped out on Mosaic for staff to follow. Take the guesswork out of what staff should do or where they should be. Utilise built in reminders and push notifications to ensure quality service.

Lower administrative costs

Reduce your annual costs from printing physical documents and wasted staff time. Instead, redirect vital funding to critical areas of care.

Using Mosaic is an affordable way to update your organisational processes, effectively saving you time, money, and valuable resources.

Here’s a closer look at the features and how they help you achieve all the benefits Mosaic offers.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step in Updating Your Software for Improved Quality of Care?

When you decide that updating your management systems is the right step for your home, Mosaic is here to help.