An All-In-One Management Software Solution to Improve the Quality of Your Care Home

Our point of care app allows you to digitise every aspect of care home management - from treatment plans, to risk assessments, medication, staffing, reporting and more.

Our Modules

Each module in Mosaic’s management system has been designed to cover the essential daily processes carers and managers experience.

Prevent wasting valuable time on having your employees fill paperwork out by hand. Lost documents and additional filing cabinets can become a thing of the past. Don’t risk your patient care on deciphering bad handwriting, which could lead to harmful mistakes.

There is a better way. Here are some of the modules Mosaic Care offers to help run your facility:

Care Plan Module

Care Plan

This module is the heart of the software, allowing you a quick and easy way to carry out comprehensive assessments

Administrator Module


Easily manage all the data related to the service users, staff, and home

Advanced Care Module

Advanced Care

Builds on the basic Care Plan app, offering additional features for service user management

Analytics Module


Analyse your data for deeper insight into how your facility is operating

Communication Module


Make communicating instantaneous between staff and managers easier with this safe and secure module

Health And Safety Module

Health And Safety

Ensure your operations are compliant with the latest health and safety requirements

Meal Planning Module

Meal Planning

Improve kitchen management processes and assist staff in preparing and planning a quality menu

Medication Module


Track service users’ daily medications, featuring real time push notifications

Policies And Procedures Module

Policies And Procedures

Store your policy and procedure documents, reduce paperwork, and ensure compliance

Reporting Module


Save time and money with a professional reporting framework

Staff Manager Module

Staff Manager

Manage your HR effectively and ensure well qualified and happy staff for your residents

Training Module


Utilise the e-learning platform featuring vibrant and engaging course content for training staff

No matter your needs, our comprehensive system is easily customisable, to ensure it addresses all aspects of running a care home – making it more efficient, organised, and allows for real-time monitoring you can rely on.

Here’s a closer look at the other benefits of using Mosaic Care.

Our Advanced Software Features

Mosaic offers a wide range of advanced features guaranteeing you the most effective way of updating how you access and store information. Here are some of our features:



All the modules you need to run your care home efficiently are in one place, making access and updates easy and efficient



Make file sharing safe and secure and turn physical file storage into a thing of the past

Fast Reporting

Fast Reporting

Filling out and accessing information is streamlined



User friendly setup with advice features and additional panels on each page for added clarification

Full History

Full History

Store all previous information and assessments for fast and easy retrieval

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Mosaic will generate automatic reminders and push notifications for key actions so vital processes aren’t forgotten or skipped

Whether you’re looking to improve data quality, make it easier for staff to communicate, or provide better service – Mosaic can help you do it all. Our comprehensive software can save you time, space, and money, allowing your team to focus on what matters most: service user care.

Here’s why choosing Mosaic is the best option for your care home:

Why Use Care Home Management Software?

Mosaic gives care homes the tools to provide outstanding services. Your staff will spend less time filling out and organising paperwork and more time with your residents.

Here are the main benefits:

Lower Admin Overheads

Lower Admin Overheads

Save significantly by reducing paper and printing costs from your budget. Reduce the amount of staff time spent filling out, tracking, organising, and filing paperwork.

Reduce Errors

Reduce Errors

Improve data quality and record keeping with less spelling errors and illegible handwriting, thereby improving the outcomes and performance of your service.

Improve Processes & Save Time

Improve Processes & Save Time

Clearly outline and clarify procedures for staff to follow, taking the guesswork out of what needs to be done. With built in push notifications and reminders, staff and management know where they are in each process at all times.

Saved space

Saved space

Eliminate the need for additional storage space.

Increased security

Increased security

Reduce the risk of losing important documents or having unauthorised access to sensitive service user information.

Increased data quality

Increased data quality

Higher quality of your data records by removing obstacles like spelling errors and illegible handwriting.

Using Mosaic is an excellent way to update the way you run your home, saving you time, space, and money. It’s time to leave the outdated management methods in the past and step toward the best comprehensive software available today.

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